Starbucks Coffee is going super "next level" in Chicago.

Starbucks Coffee Emerges As Largest Food Chain in Manhattan
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Grabbing a cup off coffee on Michigan Avenue in Chicago will be life changing in 2019.

Because there isn't a Starbucks on every corner in Chicago, why not build the largest one ever.

The executive Chairman of Starbucks Howard Schultz, says:

It's not a coffee store, the essence of it is the theater and romance and something so experiential.

Starbucks first opened it's doors in the city of Chicago 30 years ago. The new four level Starbucks Roastery will include:

  • Interactive tours
  • Multiple brewing methods and specialty Reserve drinks.
  • Foods such as artisan breads from Italian baker Rocco Princi.

The new Starbucks on Michigan Ave will be roughly 43,000 square feet and located in the Crate & Barrel building.


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