A video surfaced on Reddit featuring some Chicago guy throwing rocks at cars as they drove past.

That's a bad idea. Throwing rocks at cars could seriously injure the person driving, cause damage to the vehicle, and potentially harm other motorists while doing so. In this case, the person doing the throwing could be hurt too.

I looked all over the internet to see if I could find some sort of law making it illegal to throw things at cars and came up empty.

I found laws regarding throwing objects at vehicles in California and Connecticut, so if it's not illegal in Illinois it certainly should be.

Anyway, this video picks up with some random Chicago dude throwing rocks at cars, when he nearly misses smashing a car.

Apparently, the person or people in the car didn't take kindly to the near-miss, because they pulled a u-turn, hopped on to the curb, and hit the guy.

In many ways, the retaliation was much worse than the rock-throwing. The driver could've killed the guy.

Incredibly, the guy who was throwing rocks somehow got back on his feet quickly.

Now, I'm certain, hitting a pedestrian then fleeing the scene is against the law. It could even be a felony offense for the driver.

So who is wrong in this situation? Both parties. Don't throw things at vehicles, and certainly don't hit people with your vehicle.

Moral of the story? Just be good people.

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