There's a poop vandal in the Chicago area and the police are looking for him.

I always try to avoid parking on the street through the night. I think you're just asking for something to happen to your car.

A few years ago, I had to leave my car parked on the road for a couple of days. Someone ended up pouring mustard all over the side of my vehicle. That really made me angry.

I couldn't imagine having this happen.

According to,

"Chicago police have issued an alert after they said someone smeared feces on parked cars and a storefront window in the Bridgeport neighborhood. There have been at least four incidents this month. Police said the crimes occurred in the early morning hours."

"The suspect, described by police as 30-35 years old, was last seen wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, black baseball hat, tan pants and was wearing white gloves and carrying a brown paper bag."

I wonder what's in that brown bag.


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