100-Year-Old Loves Park Man Breaks Scuba Diving World Record
The only time I ever had the opportunity to go scuba diving, I was so scared I literally was given a boogie board with a small circular window so I could look down. Needless to say, scuba diving isn't my jam.
But for Bill Lambert, it's a huge passion...
Rock River Valley Blood Center is Now Testing Donated Blood
If you've never donated blood, you should strongly consider it. It's saves a lot of lives and it's extra important if you're healthy that you donate right now.
And now donated blood is being tested. The Blood Center will test all successfully donated blood for COVID-19 antibo…
Chicago Couple Gets Trapped Inside Home by 4-Foot Python
Do you have any irrational fears around the home? One of mine is that there will be a snake in the toilet. I know, it sounds absolutely insane. But I've seen one too many news stories of someone who opens the lid and BAM - snake.
Well, now I also have the fear that i'll find a snake on my f…

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