Back in February, a 27-year-old Milwaukee man called for help as his vehicle lost control and was stuck in a ditch up in Washington County, Wisconsin. He must have been in a pretty bad spot, because what he had in his car...Oh boy. WeAreGreen

The driver of the car found himself in a ditch on US Highway 45 near Western Avenue in Wisconsin:

US Highway 45 runs north–south through the eastern and northern portions of the state of Wisconsin. Also called Highway 45, it runs from the state line with Illinois near the village of Bristol. - Wiki

So dude calls for help, cops noticed a certain smell...  “strong odor of burnt marijuana.” Well crap, now what.

After the vehicle was removed from the ditch, the vehicle was searched and over 1.5 lbs of marijuana was found...and so much more!

Washington County Sheriff's Department
Washington County Sheriff's Department

This was quite the find inside this vehicle. One and a half pounds of weed, a lot of cash (as seen in the picture) cocaine, multiple phones, and a scale.

During this time, February in 2023 there was a lot of snow. So there was a lot of vehicles stuck in snow, which leads to a lot of calls for help.

Calls like this were common [on Wednesday] as the sheriff’s office handled approximately 80 traffic-related calls during the recent snow event. This call was different. - Washington County Sheriff's Department

To make matters worse for this fella, he was on felony parole for firearms and drug charges.

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