The KISS "Freedom to Rock" tour rocks Rockford this Saturday night, let's chat with Tommy Thayer.

Photo: Melina Dellamarggio
Photo: Melina Dellamarggio

Tommy Thayer, KISS guitarist is one of the nicest people I've ever interviews. Dude, he plays for the "Hottest Band in the World", why wouldn't he be in a good mood?

So I received an e-mail late Wednesday from KISS Inc. that said hey we know you've interviewed Paul Stanley and Tommy once before, but would you like to talk to Tommy Thayer again? Heck yes, he's awesome!

In my effort to not sound like every other radio interview,I came up with five questions this morning that would hopefully make the guitarist smile and not think, oh boy another radio interview.

So here is my Five Questions With KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer:





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