I'm not saying this sounds like a perfect combination, but it sounds like a perfect combination. REX

David Smith

Rockford's "Little Nick's BBQ" is selling CANNABIS INFUSED BBQ PRODUCTS.

The products include dry rubs, and their mild and spicy BBQ sauce...with a little something extra. Here's the downlow on the sauce...a full bottle contains 320 milligrams of THC, which put each tablespoon at about 10 milligrams, wow! Can you imagine the munchies while eating THC infused BBQ? Do you ever stop eating, how in the world does that work?

Close up of barbecue pulled park sandwich and French fries

Taking BBQ to a "higher" level indeed. This has a good time written all over it. So check this out, these are the BBQ Candied Pork Belly Bites...Sweet, delicious, just this picture is mouthwatering. Now imagine this with THC infused sauce?

Little Nick's BBQ
Little Nick's BBQ

Just want enough to get you high, I mean "BY" for a meal? You can also purchase single cups of the THC infused sauce (40 or 80 milligram) for your nicely baked, I MEAN BBQ'd needs.

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savorbbqco via Instagram

First off, their sauces are freakin' delicious...add in a little something extra and is this the greatest Rockford food invention, ever? Does this make into an "Ate-One-Five" video? Will "The Munchiez" come film a video for their YouTube Channel eating this deliciousness?

Congrats and best of luck to Little Nick's BBQ and your "higher level" sauces and rubs.

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