Let's start here, this is 100% real. This is a real Burger King menu item. This is "The Real Cheeseburger," from Burger King...So when will Illinois Burger King locations get this? People

When folks go to a fast food restaurant looking for a trendy "meatless burger," Burger King has officially fired a warning shot to all the others...This is "The Real Cheese Burger." Holy. Crap.

"The Real Cheese Burger" is two buns, top and bottom...and 20 slices of American Cheese. Bam, take that people!

People on Twitter and loving this and are posting pics of this cheesy creation from Burger King, but I guess it is kinda hard to finish the entire thing:

“I love cheese but I struggled eating even half of this ‘burger’. Maybe I should grill the other half?” - writer Richard Barrow.

So here's the deal on "The Real Cheeseburger," it's only available currently in Thailand. But don't you think they would sell a gazillion of these things in the Midwest, especially ILLINOIS? Um, hell yes.

Wow this this looks incredible...Incredibly cheesy...Incredibly, "oh my tummy," but you know you would go for it...This might be your favorite "burger" ever, unless you are Lactose Intolerant, I guess. Here's what Fox 11 in Los Angeles is saying about this:

Would you try it? The answer is yes...Let's gross our fingers that this catches on in America, and right here at home in Illinois!

Here's another tv show trying "The Real Cheese Burger."

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