Rockford Taco Bell locations will be serving breakfast salsa.

"Breakfast Salsa, Taco Bell’s latest condiment is described as being a less spicy salsa created specifically for the most important meal of the day.”
This sounds like something I need to check out.

As a person that gets up early everyday, I've found it very important to eat a good breakfast. It's horrible going through the morning hungry.
I'm not just talking about eating something quick. No, I'm actually talking about having a meal that will hold you over until lunch.
Sometimes it gets difficult picking out what to eat. I'm not a huge breakfast food person, so I get burned out on that quickly.
Plus, I don't have a lot of time in the morning. It has to be easy to make. I usually try to make extra dinner, so I can have leftovers the next day for breakfast. That doesn't always work out.
When I hear about a new option for breakfast, I get a little excited.
I enjoy chips and salsa. It's a great snack combo. I really have never used salsa as a condiment, but I'm willing to try.
I think putting some breakfast salsa on some breakfast food, you would open up a whole new world. It gets me excited about eating some Taco Bell breakfast food.
Another good thing is it's less spicy. I don't think I would be able to handle my mouth burning in the morning because of super spicy salsa.
Maybe you can get them to throw in a couple of extra packs to use later for something else. Especially, because I enjoy a less spicy salsa.
Thank you Taco Bell for the new breakfast option. I think I can hit the one on East State Street on the way to work.
Will you be trying the new Taco Bell breakfast salsa?

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