On April 29th 1987, a red hot Bon Jovi played the Rockford Metro Centre with special guests Cinderella.

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

Slippery When Wet was the latest Bon Jovi album that was blowing up the charts and radio airwaves. Bon Jovi was creating an unstoppable touring machine and would see a million faces and rock them all.

On April 29th 1987, Bon Jovi had a show in town. A few miles north in South Beloit, seniors at South Beloit High School were preparing to put on the capo and gown and walk across the stage. In one of the coolest high school administration moves ever, officials at South Beloit High School changes the time of graduation so the student body could make it to the show on time in Rockford.

Jon Bon Jovi mentioned to graduation on stage in front of a sold out Metro Centre, and wore a South Beloit football jersey at one point.

In the video for "Born to Be My Baby" the drummer of Bon Jovi, Tico wore the South Beloit jersey as well, featured in this blog.

The Eagle wants to send you to San Diego to see Bon Jovi, there is a meet and greet included in this so if you win and you are from South Beloit, this is your chance to relive that moment with them. Click below video to register to win!

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