This video was brought to my attention over the weekend by a concerned listener.


Now let me start by saying I also received an e-mail this past weekend from a guy that said he could uncover the truth of what NASA "really" found on the moon. There was a full moon right, there has to be a good reason for all the crazy.

So imagine this, I'm sitting on my couch trying to decide if it's allergies or a cold that is making me feel icky. First, the moon e-mail. I will protect the nutty and just tell you that this e-mail came complete with a dozen grainy photo's and a brief write up of each. The e-mail was sent early Saturday morning, so I "don't think" booze was involved.

Second was this video sent to me, moments later by a different person. "Dude there was a Bigfoot sighting in Illinois last year, you should put this on your website".

This is a tough watch and the "play by play" leaves a lot to the imagination.



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