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Can't decide what to get for you significant other this Valentine's Day? Nothing says "I love you" like hitting a new personal record on the bench press, in their name of course...

"Bench for Bae" is a competition at our area Anytime Fitness locations, which includes:

Rockford, IL 
Woodstock, IL
Rockford South, IL
Loves Park, IL
Machesney Park, IL
Roscoe, IL
St Charles, IL
Dekalb, IL
Sycamore, IL
So here's what you need to do, first off become a member at Anytime Fitness. Great ownership, great trainers, great locations. Once that is taken care of, head to your favorite Anytime Fitness location from the list above, and perform your BEST bench press. Now, you can use flat bench, dumbbells, machines, whatever you choose! Your bench amount will be added to that Anytime Fitness locations total. Last year, the Rockford location won.
Not the best when it comes to bench press form and lifting a good amount of weight? No problem! All month long, Anytime Fitness is offering "Bench Basics Fitness 101." Get the form down and you numbers will go up.
If you have any questions about "Bench for Bae" or any membership questions, use THIS LINK to get ahold of Brent Potter (multi-club operator) and he will for sure get you pointed in the right direction.
All ages are welcome, so this year say "I love you" by bench pressing at Anytime Fitness...Maybe flowers and something that sparkles too.

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