Chris Kimbrough ran the Beer Mile and shattered the previous record.

I know you are asking yourself, 'What is the Beer Mile exactly?'

The Beer Mile is a fantastic feat which no athlete should ever try. There can not be any doubt in my mind that this can not be good for you. The Beer Mile is done on college campuses and started in Canada in 1989. That should be reason enough for you not to try it. It started in Canada.

But, the Beer Mile is exactly what it sounds like.

Runners start their mile by chugging a beer. Then, at each quarter-mile increments they must pause and pound another beer.

There must be a lot of burping going on.

Chris Kimbrough on the other hand, is a professional drinker and runner at least by my standards. She's a mother of six and 44 years old, yet she shattered the previous record of 6:42:0 and setting the new record at 6:28:6 according to Runner's World.

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