Admit it, being a grown-up can be the worst.

Thankfully now there's a merit badge system available to show the world, you're giving it your best effort.


Here's the full list of adult merit badges one could possibly earn:

  • Abandoned My Shopping Cart
  • Went Makeup-Free
  • Lip-Synched An Entire Song
  • Avoided Confrontation
  • I Tried My Best
  • Minded My Own Business
  • On-Time For Work
  • Responded To Emails
  • Packed My Lunch
  • Saved Some Money
  • Only Watched One Episode
  • Paid With Cash
  • Learned Something New
  • Did It Myself
  • Used A Coupon
  • Called My Mom
  • Made Coffee
  • Watered The Plant
  • Updated The Software
  • Walked The Dog
  • Paid Bills On Time
  • Went To The Gym
  • Only Had One Glass
  • Ate A Vegetable
  • Flossed
  • Took My Vitamins
  • Drank Some Water
  • Reduced Screen Time
  • Went Outside Today
  • Put Pants On

There's a couple of those I've already earned today!

Grab your merit badges for grown-ups here on!

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