The big red suit apparently was hiding a big orange jumpsuit.

Santa Claus

Playing Santa has it's benefits, like hiding your true identity. But sometimes the big white beard isn't enough.

According to WREX a man in Southern Illinois was arrested, dressed as Santa.

Cody Alexander was in the holiday spirit, outside of a business in Waterloo, Il. Cody was making kids happy, handing out "Ho, ho, ho's" when authorities figured out that Joly St. Nick was a federal fugitive. Talk about, "ho, ho, oh no"!

Mr Alexander has been wanted since failing to appear in federal court in East St. Louis back on December 15th. He was facing a mail theft charge. That's right folks, the guy that sneaks into your home to give your kids presents was stealing mail. The County Sheriff was quoted as saying that Cody would be:

getting a free ride to court but not on a reindeer. - Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing




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