Tuesday, February, 6th is the birthday of one Axl Rose from Guns N Roses.

2002 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
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W. Axl Rose will be 56 years old tomorrow, so we should show him around town.

Axl and the GnR boys have been through Rockford in the past, and Axl has even been to Beef-A-Roo more than once. My friend Wilson was working there one of his stops back in 1988. Here is the story from my buddy Wilson:

Axl Rose and his body guard or driver or whoever he was came in back when I was probably 16. Came up to my register and ordered a beef n cheddar, cheddar fries. At this point I recognized him but couldn't put my finger on who he was. (Young Axl, welcome to the jungle just was being played on MTV) I asked, man I know you from someplace. He said, you should I'm Axl Rose. Well I didn't believe him. So I went back to the table and asked him for an autograph. He signed the back of his receipt. I took it home and compared it the other pictures I had seen. Sure enough they matched!!! 


Happy 56th birthday Mr. Rose, come back and we will treat you to Beef-A-Roo anytime!

Enjoy this entertaining Axl Rose story.



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