On this day in rock history, Rush debuted the man who replaced John Rutsey as their drummer. Neil Peart gave his first performance as a member of Rush on Aug. 14, 1974, in Pittsburgh.

In 1964, the Rolling Stones released 5 x 5, a British EP that was recorded at the home of their blues heroes: the Chess Studios on the South Side of Chicago. Keith Richards has said that they arrived at the building to find Muddy Waters painting the ceiling. A few months later, the EP would be filled out to album length and put out in America as 12 x 5. Hawkwind introduced the world to their particular brand of space rock with their 1970 debut.

Michael Jackson made headlines when he bought ATV Music Publishing, the company that controlled the rights to the Beatles catalog, for $47.5 million in 1985. The idea to get into the publishing side of the business was put into Jackson's head by Paul McCartney when the two collaborated on a pair of hit songs three years earlier.

And we also wish a happy birthday to David Crosby. The singer -- who first gained fame with the Byrds before going on to bigger success with Crosby, Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young) -- was born in 1941.

Watch an exciting recap of many of the day’s biggest rock anniversaries above, narrated by our radio host Zach Martin. And learn more about these important events by clicking the links below.

News Anniversaries:
Neil Peart's first Rush show (1974)
Michael Jackson buys the Beatles catalog (1985)

Album Anniversaries:
Rolling Stones, 5 x 5 (1964)
Hawkwind, Hawkwind (1970)

David Crosby (1941)

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