This "Mothman" made several appearances in the Chicago area recently, and one even spoke up?? ChicagoSuntimes

We have written about "Mothman" being seen throughout Illinois, a lot of Chicago area stuff, for quite a while now. The Brewed, a horror-themed coffee shop in Avondale, Illinois hosted a costume contest recently and Mothman showed up, and didn't win. See, it's a trick...because you can't win a costume contest if it ISN'T A COSTUME, dude.

In one of the sightings, apparently in front of a Geico store...there was some communication with Mothman:

Crazy, right? At least he was friendly.

As we go back in time, there "might" have been a sighting in Winnebago County. But that was posted by that "scanning" local page that harasses cops and all local first responders, so I don't take them serious.

But as we go deeper, the Woodstock Illinois area and Chicagoland HAS HAD reported sightings of Mothman. Check this out:

Have you ever had an encounter with "Mothman?" Here is what you are looking for:

  • Five to six foot wing span
  • Small human like head
  • Deep blue-green skin
  • Long tapered feet

Gross right? But now you know...CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Finally, there was the guy out smoking on his lunchbreak in Chicago that saw the Mothman leap from the Sears Tower in Chicago!

Insane right, but is Mothman real? The fact that someone took the time to do a costume in Chicago tells me that there are believers out there...Maybe he is too.

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