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It's extremely important to teach our kids at a young age, that law enforcement is here to help and keep us safe in everyday life. A police officer will "protect and serve" and go out of their way to make sure our lives can be lived to the fullest. When I read stories about young kids reaction to police as the "bad guy" or that you should be scared of cops, it breaks my heart. First off that is bad parenting, and in the long run that will cause issues for sure. We are lucky in Rockford to have a police department that cares about the youth and the choices they make to become positive members of society. Here is a little something that could do just that...Cops 2 Bobbers.

Want to take the kids fishing with members of the Rockford Police Department? Here's a local event for kids to do a little fishing with our badged heroes.

The "Fishing Derby" will take place on Saturday, June 5th at Rock Cut State Park, at the Red Oak Shelter. The derby is open to kids ages 6-13. Sign up for this event that runs from 8 am - 12 pm will run until May 14th. You can get your kids signed up, it's absolutely free by the way, at:

  • District 1 - 1045 W. State Street
  • District 2 - 1410 Broadway
  • District 3 - 557 South New Towne Road

There will be prizes including trophies, and fishing gear for the kids. Sign up ends on May 14th, so get the kids signed up today!

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