These Illinois nurse stories lately have been crazy! First we had the one that was eating pot gummies and working in the ER (Click Here to Read) now an article about an Illinois nurse TRYING to bring cocaine into jail for her boyfriend! CookCounty

There are 1000s of Illinois nurses, first responders that do incredible, life saving work. We all thank you for what you do, especially you Colton at FHM. But like anything, there will always be a few bad apples.

Joanna McCree, (a registered nurse) of Chicago, planned to bring cocaine to a man she was romantically involved with who is in custody at Cook County Jail. The Sheriff’s Police Street Crimes Suppression Unit worked undercover and delivered to drugs to her, that she was going to give to her boyfriend.

Zxc, Wikimedia Commons
Zxc, Wikimedia Commons

The actual bust went down at Joanna McCree's place of employment, when the undercover officer delivered her the narcotics. The boyfriend that was in custody in the Cook County Jail, became her boyfriend, while he was in the hospital where Nurse McCree was taking care of him. Plot twist people, whoa!


This is like some daytime soap opera stuff! All we need now is some bad lighting, and someone from their past to mysteriously appear after vanishing at sea 30 years ago.

Nurse McCree was charged with possession of a controlled substance and also,  possession of a substance with intent to jail, to a dude in jail.


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