Nationwide unrest in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has prompted some major retailers to scale back deliveries and close stores.

Amazon says that they're curtailing operations in a "handful of cities (including Chicago and Los Angeles)," Target says that they're extending store closures across the country. Target had already closed over 30 stores in Minnesota due to the protests and rioting, and they plan on extending those closures to "dozens more" across the country.

Amazon told its drivers in Los Angeles and Chicago to halt deliveries Saturday night, and return any undelivered packages to the company’s pickup locations. It also has scaled down its deliveries in Portland. Amazon said it was “in close contact with local officials and will continue to monitor the protests,” and would keep only safe routes open.

Apple reportedly decided to close the majority of its U.S. retail stores on Sunday following the weekend’s unrest, according to 9to5 Mac. It has been less than a month since it started reopening its locations from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart (WMT) told CNBC Sunday that it would close hundreds of stores nationwide after some stores had been damaged or looted during the violent protests. This follows a move on Friday by the retailer to close locations in Minneapolis and Atlanta. Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillion called the events in Minneapolis and New York “heartbreaking” and said the company must “remain vigilant in standing together against racism and discrimination,” in a statement on Friday. “As we continue to monitor the situations unfolding across Minneapolis, we will keep our focus on prioritizing the safety of our associates and customers,” he said.


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