Rush may be "basically done," according to Alex Lifeson, but he isn't. The guitarist is now working on a project with drummer Marco Minnemann, who has frequently recorded with Joe Satriani and Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson.

"Working on a new collaborative release together with Rush’s Alex Lifeson," Minnemann recently wrote on his Facebook page. "Watch this space for more details to follow soon." The update was included with an illustration of the pair by Tom Colbie.

This is the second time Lifeson and Minnemann have recorded together. Borrego, which the drummer put out last year, featured Lifeson on three songs; Satriani played on five tracks. There's no word on who's playing bass, though session ace and King Crimson veteran Tony Levin was featured on Borrego.

Earlier this year, Lifeson was spotlighted on “Il Mostro Atomico,” an 18-minute song found on Fu Manchu's Clone of the Universe. "Without asking us, our manager was like, ‘Hey, would Alex want to play on their new record?’" the band's frontman Scott Hill said. "His manager asked him and got back to our manager, like, ‘Oh yeah, he totally will. Send him a song!’ When he told us, we were all like, ‘Holy shit!’ We immediately reverted back to the Rush fans we were in seventh grade!”

LIfeson recorded several ideas and sent them back to the band. “He really added to it," Hill noted. "That riff that he played, that wasn't even in the song! I remember leaving the studio that night after we first got it back from him, and we were all like, ‘Fuck, this is insane!’”

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