The former White Sox Star on HIS 1998 season:

“It was probably one of the greatest second halves in the history of baseball without an asterisk next to it.” - Albert Belle

Ouch, and you are correct sir.

Yes I'm a Chicago Cubs fan, but truth is truth...and truth is something Sosa doesn't speak...ever. Remember the whole I don't speak English thing?

From NBCSports Albert Belle calls into question the 1998 season of Sammy Sosa. Sure that year brought MLB back to life, but it was also a league filled with baseball players that looked like linebackers in the NFL.

Take Sosa, McGuire and Barry Bonds out of the equation and look at these second half numbers (76 games) from Albert Belle:

  • 31 Homeruns
  • 26 Doubles
  • 86 RBI

Let's compare Sosa and Belle for the year:

  • Sosa batted 300
  • Belle batted 320
  • Sosa struck out 171 times
  • Bell struck out 84

Sure Sammy Sosa had the 66 homers to Belle's 49...but there is one glaring issue, and not Sosa's jersey sleeves that he has shortened to show off his arms...How he GOT the arms. A routine high pop up went across the street at Wrigley, and why you so swole, Sosa?

Albert's monster season will forever get lost in the 1998 MLB season...but the numbers, never lie.

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