Earlier this year, fans of Steven Adler were encouraged by the news that the drummer had not only celebrated one year of sobriety, but that he had also been in the studio plotting his musical return with his self-titled band. At that point, Adler had recorded a new song with producer Jeff Pilson behind the boards, but there has been some significant progress toward a full studio album.

Speaking with California Rock News, vocalist Jacob Bunton stated, "The new record will probably come out in February. We have shows and so we're recording whenever we're not doing shows. It's part of the process of just staying busy and doing the rock and roll thing." However, Bunton emphasized the tentative nature of the target date, revealing that it could come as early as November or potentially later.

Adler have been playing scattered live dates in the midst of their recording for the new disc. The band is set to play a handful of shows in Peru later this month.

As for drummer Steven Adler's sobriety, he recently told The Trap Set podcast that his positive strides have helped him in regaining his friendship with former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. "[I’m] proving myself, ’cause he’s been sober, I think, 11 years. And, basically, if you show people that care about you that you’re making some kind of effort, they’ll do anything for you and be there for you,” Adler said. “But if they don’t see you making an effort, they’re not gonna waste their time. And he saw me making an effort. And he just seen me, he was hearing it from people. And I’m just glad we’re friends again.”

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