So you're telling me the Cream Puff ladies won't be stopping by this year?

The Wisconsin State Fair will not be happening in 2020. According to the Wisc. State Fair website the board of directors have been working for months on a way to make this happen, but have decided to not fire up the Ferris Wheel in 2020:

“On behalf of the entire State Fair Park Board of Directors, please know that the decision to cancel the 2020 Wisconsin State Fair was not taken lightly, months of deliberation took place, considering all options to host a Fair that adheres to the highest standard of safety without compromising the experience. We explored countless models, but ultimately safety cannot be compromised. The risks associated with hosting an event of this size and scope right now are just too great.” - Wisconsin State Fair Park Board Chairman John Yingling


As we look ahead to next year, with a LOT of things...The 2021 Wisconsin State Fair, is scheduled to take place August 5 – 15.


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