Ace Frehley's Origins, Vol. 2 covers collection is offering a further glimpse into the music that influenced the renowned guitar player and former KISS member. With the virtuoso John 5 in tow, the Spaceman has debuted his version of "I'm Down," originally performed by The Beatles.

The track dates back to 1965 and first appeared as a B-Side to The Beatles' "Help" single. It's a highly-energetic song with tension riding on the push-pull dynamic present with the instrumental dropouts and standalone vocals. Over five decades later, Frehley honors one of his biggest influences with a roaring cover of "I'm Down" that stays true to the spirit of the original while adding some modern touches — big drum fills, flashy solos and some cursing for a little extra zest.

Listen to the song below.

"I'm Down" is the second single to be released from Origins, Vol. 2, following Ace's take on Deep Purple's pounding "Space Truckin'."

The new covers album is set for a Sept. 18 release on eOne and an album of original material from Ace is expected to arrive some time next year. Head here to pre-order the album.

Ace Frehley, "I'm Down" (Beatles Cover) Feat. John 5

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