We kicked off our A - Z Weekend at 9 a.m. today with Elvis Costello's (What's So Funny About) Peace, Love and Understanding. Starting with a parenthesis edged it up to the front of the pack. We continue with our look at the Rock 'n Roll Alphabet now with Q - V.

  • 'Q' is for......next please
  • 'R' is for Riot. I have never been in a full scale riot at a show. I've seen some unruliness, but nothing terribly threatening. However, it happens. Here's the deal with rioting; you paid a steep ticket price to not enjoy the show? Or to make sure that band you love is never welcomed back to that venue? Alpine Valley stopped letting the Grateful Dead play there after 1989 just because the fans were having a good time. If you overturn cars in $20 parking spots, you're just a jag that's going to insure that band will have trouble. Of course, sometimes the band is to blame:

In 1979, the Who were on their first American tour since the death of Keith Moon the previous year. 15,000 general admission tickets were sold with seats assigned on a first-come first-served basis. When the band performed a late sound check, many in the crowd waiting in the bitter cold to get in thought the show was starting. This kicked off a rush of people to get in. Eleven people were trampled. The show went on, with the band learning of the horrible scene outside after the concert had ended.

  • 'S' is for Stonehenge

Ian Gillan talks about the real life Stonehenge moment from his Black Sabbath days:

  • 'T' is for Tough chicks. Nothing is scarier than having your rock-chick girlfriend swing a thirty pound purse at your face. Some of the greatest female rockers are downright intimidating...and fetching:

When did Joan Jett become a super model?

The late Wendy O. Williams from The Plasmatics (NSFW):

  • 'U' is for Unstable band members. There are just some folks who are loose cannons. Like how Dirty Harry was always having the Police Commissioner yelling at him about the mayor crawling up his ass because of Callahan's renegade ways. Rock is full of guys and girls who seem to always look or cause drama. The Axl Rose riot video above is a good example. So is this:

and this:

  • 'V' is for classic Venues. A great venue adds so much to a concert experience. Watching Neil Young at Red Rocks was perfect. Seeing a big show like the Stones or Dylan at the Riviera in Chicago is unreal and I've always had a great time at Alpine Valley. Some venues are legendary for the shows they hosted. The Fillmore East and West halls hosted shows by all of the big artists of the late '60s/early '70s.