We've all witnessed a bad parking job. We've all witnessed a vehicle parked in a fire lane or handicap spot while someone else inside the store in one of those "in and out" situations. This, though, I've never seen something like this until now.

Redditor u/pete-petey-pete shared a photo of a rock that has been known to put a damper on a driver's day. Actually, according to Pete Petey Pete (I wish that was his real name.), it's not just a few cars that have been burdened by this rock in Roselle, Illinois, it's closer to 100. Also, it's not only cars feeling the wrath of the rock...

Aaron Davidson, Getty Images

No, this rock.

Credit: Google Street View

You might be thinking it doesn't look like that rock should be too much of a problem and you're right. But, apparently, it has been problematic for drivers in Roselle because hundreds of drivers have gotten their vehicles stuck on this rock.

Not only were cars getting stuck, so were vans and even police vehicles.

Credit: u/pete-petey-pete, Reddit

Notice the tow-zone warning sign? Not even that could detour people from the rock.

Credit: u/pete-petey-pete, Reddit
Credit: u/pete-petey-pete, Reddit

Everybody wants a piece of this rock.

Credit: u/pete-petey-pete, Reddit

In fact, there was even a yellow pole installed near it to prevent this from happening.

At one point in time they tried to put a bright yellow post at the end of the curbed peninsula so people would avoid it

Did it work? Nope.

Credit: u/pete-petey-pete, Reddit

What is the lesson here?

That stretch of grass is called a peninsula (which I never knew) and Roselle has a lot of not-so-attentive drivers.

There are hundreds of comments for you to enjoy too. Find them here.

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