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When I first read that a man named Prince bit a guys ear off in Chicago, I was completely entertained. I mean, didn't the little purple guy die on a plane or something? Did he comeback to life as SYMBOL 2.0? Did he offer the guy pain meds after he bit his ear off...Too far??

So here's the story from Chicago, and it's WAY MORE then eating an ear while singing Purple Rain...28-year-old Elijah Rule Hill Prince, attacked a man in a Chicago alley. He pulled up in his Little Red Corvette and not only bit his ear off in a tussle. but shoved a 3 inch wood block into the mans eye and told the cops he was covered in the "blood of peasants." Obviously this freak was on a mission, a mission straight out of a horror movie. He also chocked the victim, fought off his wife who tried to stop it, and spit into the victims mouth. BLAZE

The couple were hospitalized and Prince is being held on a five million dollar bond. Prince also received a psychiatric evaluation at a hospital...you think?

What is going on in Chicago? I understand it's a gigantic city and all large cities have problems, but now there are reports like this? Ear biting, wooden blocks going into people's eyes...I'm waiting for sightings of Jason from Friday the 13th throughout Chicago...Actually Michael Meyers stayed in psych wards near Chicago, hmm.

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