If you ask anyone in Rockford what their favorite potato chip is, they'll, without hesitation, tell you it's Mrs. Fisher's; ask them what they like best about Mrs. Fisher's and they'll say, "ooh, I love the taste."

People who've moved away from Rockford will drive across the country just to have a bag and bring a bucket home.

But, if you start to notice, or have already noticed, that your favorite hometown snack tastes just a little bit different, it's not their fault; it's the Food and Drug and Administration's.

A couple of days ago, Mrs. Fisher's shared this update on their Facebook page, indicating that a major change could soon be coming to how their chips are being made, which could have a major impact on the taste.

While it was pointed out that the article they shared was from 2015, the time has possibly come where the FDA is really cracking down on food manufacturers to remove partially hydrogenated oils from their recipes completely. It was supposed to be a process that would take about three years to phase out the ingredients completely.

Chances are, if you haven't noticed a change in the flavor by now, you probably won't; but Mrs. Fisher's plans on keeping us updated.

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