As a dang near lifelong Rockfordian, it's easy to tell I love this place and take pride in my hometown. One thing I like is meeting people that have relocated here and, most times, I can tell immediately if you're not actually from the 815. Here are eight easy clues to look for:

  • Jeremy Fallis via Facebook

    They ask, "What's A Beef-A-Roo?"

    That's an offensive question.

  • Thinkstock

    They don't understand sock monkeys.

    They originated in Rockford. Just accept them and love them.

  • Facebook via Rockford Speedway

    They say the Rockford Speedway is too loud.

    It's not... you're just not from the 815. Also, we ARE aware that it's actually located in Loves Park.

  • 4

    They say "Ji-row" instead of "yee-row."

    People all over the country eat gyro's but if you're from the 815 you say "yee-row."

  • Getty Images

    They don't know Rick Nielsen Lives In Rockford

    Spend more time at Woodman's or look for him zooming around in his smart car. You'll spot him eventually.

  • Facebook via Rockford Speedway

    They think Rockford Speedway is in Rockford.

    It's not, it's in Loves Park.

  • Google Street View

    They ask which restaurants make great Swedish pancakes.

    There is only one and it's Stockholm Inn.

  • Google Street View

    They don't remember a working Clock Tower.

    It's not an easy punchline, it's a fact.

  • Google Maps

    They tell people they live in Chicago.

    No, you live in the 815. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.