This is not a political post as much as it is a rant.

There were a lot of negative comments made online over the weekend about the women who attended the Women's March in Rockford on Saturday. Things like "they need to get back in the kitchen where they belong" or "maybe they should get a job instead of disturbing our downtown streets and neighborhoods."  Um, it was a Saturday, ok?

People were asking questions; they didn't understand why women were marching. What are they marching for? What's the message here?

There were comments from women from all walks of life who just didn't get it, saying, "If I'm a woman and I don't feel oppressed or marginalized than these women shouldn't either." And that's OK.

What matters is that these women were there and it shouldn't matter what the reason was because they know their reason and that's good enough for me.  I feel good knowing that there are strong women in this community who stand up for what they believe in, support each other and lift each other up (because let's face it, too many women in society spend way too much time pushing each other down).

Some of those women even brought their kids; and it doesn't matter what political party you voted for or whose side you're on, I think we can call agree that they were the best part of the women's march in Rockford...and the cutest.

Our future looks bright, wouldn't you say?



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