Seriously I have a secret love for gnomes. They are even cooler when Lemmy from Motorhead is a gnome.

My sweetie does landscaping for a living, and one of his clients made a joke about how much she loves gnomes. So what did he do? He filled her front yard with gnomes. I'm quite envious of her garden of gnomes, but I will never tell my sweetie that.

Why? Well, what would happen is I would come home to my entire yard full of them. It's like the time I jokingly said we should put astro-turf in the bathroom. My birthday present that year was bright blue astro-turf in the powder room. (Luckily it wasn't hard for me to convince him to get rid of it.)

Ianthegnome makes serious gnomes, not only of your favorite rockers, but of your favorite T.V. characters as well.

I mean seriously! Aren't these awesome!