Go Pack Go! Back in 2021 a record of some sort was set in Green Bay Wisconsin. No, it wasn't Aaron Rodgers throwing touchdowns, or anything sports related what so ever...So what could this record possibly be? Fox11Online

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Last year, Wallace Bower at the age of 74, received his 18th drunk driving conviction. 18th DUI, that is...something. At what point after number 1 or 2, did Wally think..."You know, I really need to get to the Walmart for another sixer..." Oh boy.

Joe Raedle
Joe Raedle

His 18th came with some flare too. He crashed his pickup truck into a power pole....bam!

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Wisconsin law NOW requires driver’s licenses to be revoked with a fourth conviction. IF the previous DUI was in a 15 year range. This wasn't the case for Wallace...this law went into affect in 2018, with his last one in 2011. What does all this mean? Even though this was his 18th DUI, he STILL HAD A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE. Whaaaat??

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

In case you were wondering what Wallace's DUI past looks like, check this out:

  • Jan. 24, 1988
  • Feb. 7, 1993
  • March 12, 1993
  • May 23, 1993
  • July 8, 1993
  • April 17, 1994
  • Dec. 2, 1994
  • Aug. 13, 1994
  • July 31, 1996
  • Sept. 23, 1996
  • Aug. 27, 1997
  • June 13, 1998
  • May 3, 2000
  • Jan. 1, 2000
  • April 14, 2003
  • July 12, 2005
  • Oct. 1, 2011

Holy moly. The judge handling the case, dealing with number 18, laid down the hammer of justice...The punishment includes supervision for seven years, Wallace was hit with  a $1,000 fine, and his driver’s license is suspended for three years, but as the judge but it...Wallace's driving days are over.


“You’ve spent your last day behind the wheel.” - Judge John Zakowski


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