At a Chicago event, a pro wrestler flipped off a 7-year-old boy.

I've been watching pro wrestling since I was a kid. I realize it can get edgy at times. Some characters will push the envelope. I think during this incident, the superstar took it a little bit too far.

According to,

"A famous pro wrestler FLIPPED OFF off a 7-year-old kid at a meet and greet in Chicago this weekend. It was AEW star MJF (aka Maxwell Jacob Friedman) at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. He's famous for being a bad guy and part of his gimmick is being a jerk to kids. So, when the boy came face to face with MJF, the wrestler busted out the single barrel salute right in the little guy's face."Check out the video...
Obviously, they are wrestling fans, so they probably understand that it's part of the show.

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