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With 239 votes separating John Cabello and Dave Vella in the local 68th District, a "Discovery Recount" in underway. WREX

"Nothing happens in this country until there's an election and it's counted accurately and fairly, it's not just a national issue but a local issue too." - City of Rockford Elections Commission Chairman Ryan Brauns

How this "Discovery Recount" works, the election officials are required to recount 10% of the votes casted. 239 votes is the threshold required for a "Discovery Recount."

Rep. John Cabello issued a statement about the recount:

"There were 53,301 votes cast in the 68th District and virtually half of those votes were not for my opponent. I owe it to my supporters and the voters to proceed with the discovery recount and make sure that every vote was counted and that the will of the people prevails." - John Cabello

By state law, Cabello must pay for the recount. This specific race wasn't made official right away because of how close it was. Dave Vella was announced the winner a couple weeks after the election.

Obviously recounts hit locally as well, hopefully we will have a final answer about the 68th District soon. Here was are 6-7 weeks removed from Election Day, and this local still district sits in limbo.

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