Call me crazy, but you should never have to pay for your gym membership.

Some may call me cheap, a couponer or my favorite frugal. I'm just fine with that too. There is absolutely no reason to pay full price for anything, as you can always get a deal.


There are 6 things that I think we can all agree on that you should never pay for. Alright, maybe 7, 'love' being the seventh. came up with a fantastic list and here are my top 6 favorites.

1. Product Samples and Travel-Size Toiletries

I'm starting to pack for my honeymoon in November and I have a ton of free travel samples! You can always check Sweet Free Stuff, TheFreeSite and Free Stuff Channel for free goodies.

2. Short-Term Gym Membership

If you are looking for a little tone or muscle for an event coming up you can always get a free membership. Gyms like Lifetime Fitness and Anytime Fitness give seven day passes with no obligation.

3. Birthday Deals

Everything, kind of, is free on your birthday! Starbucks will give you a free drink, some tanning salons offer a free tan and Discovery Clothing will give you a free piece of jewelry. For a list of all sorts of birthday deals you can look here.

4. Enhancing Your Education

I'm not talking about going to a free college for a degree, (they don't exist) but if there are topics that interest you, you can always find fantastic college lectures for free. iTunes U is a great place to look for college lectures and BBC has language lessons as well.

5. Classic Books

If reading is your thing check out Project Gutenberg. They have over 40,000 titles to chose from. The reason being is that their copyright has expired and they are back in the public domain.

6. Kids Meals

This seems more or less well known, but hundreds if not thousands of restaurants serve free meals to children under a certain age on certain days. You can check out MyKidsEatFree for a list of participating restaurants.