So what's the deal north of the border with people behind the wheel? Let's take a look at one man's aggressive reaction to Wisconsin drivers. WisconsinSucks

No matter the season or the reason, there are plenty of bad drivers on the road. I always told my kids to be on the offense not the defense while driving, or you will be tapping your brakes constantly because of others bad driving habits.

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There's one guy, that's had enough. One guy that thinks Wisconsin drivers are the absolute worst. Now this guy goes nameless on his website but he did grow up there so it's not like he's an out of town fella with a bad attitude.

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I was pretty blown away by his take on Wisconsin drivers. He hits on multiple points about why drivers from Wisconsin are the worst. His blunt and to the point statements about Wisconsin drivers, to borrow a statement from my oldest stepdaughter, are "savage."  I just picked out six...So here we go:

6 Savage Reasons Why Wisconsin Drivers Suck: "Driving in this state is a major nightmare." - WisconsinSucks

  • It (Wisconsin) possesses the worst designed roadways.
  • People who think safety is all about driving extremely slow.
  • They're vindictive and dangerous
  • Many try to enforce their view point, by utilizing own automobile as a weapon.
  • They'll either hog a lane, swerve at you, or speed up.
  • Something else they're notorious for is leaving an extreme amount of space in front.
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