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Just another typical Wednesday in Rockford, right?

Late yesterday afternoon, I received a couple pictures that left me puzzled. Apparently, there was a six foot tall gorilla on the loose in town. We was walking up Spring Creek, just outside of Anderson Japanese Gardens. Reports say he looked lost, disoriented, and overheated...it was 96 degrees out.

The real questions start here...what was this all about? Did he hitchhike from the Madison Zoo? Why was he on Spring Creek, and not State or Riverside, or Alpine? Was he properly hydrated? Will he be back again today? Does eating loads of bananas, really keep you from cramping up?

There is an additional photo to share here...

Captain Jack
Captain Jack

In the above photo, you can see what direction the "Monkey Man" was coming from, wait...I know there's a lot of places hiring currently, maybe "Monkey Man" was looking for some sort of job at Anderson Japanese Gardens? I would guess physical labor, these dudes are pretty strong.

Let's talk about how hot it was on Wednesday, I'm sure gorillas or dudes in gorilla suits can easily overheat in 90 degree weather. I mean I feel that way in shorts and a t-shirt...can't imagine what it would be like all monkeyed up.

Whatever the reason that the primate was in town, we welcome you. You came here without the $300,000 ad campaign, so we thank you as a community.

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