From old school baseball players, NFL, political figures, and musicians...The Rockford area, Winnebago County has quite a few famous folks laid to rest here. FINDAGRAVE

Here are 6 Famous People That Have Been Laid to Rest in Winnebago County:

Stan Campbell, Rochelle High School Graduate -  He was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1952 in the 18th round of the NFL draft, where he played offensive guard in the NFL for nine years. He played on the Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles and finished up with the Oakland Raiders. He won three championships (Detroit 1952, 1957 and Philadelphia 1960). 


John Theodore Buckbee, born in Rockford - Buckabee was a U.S. Congressman. He played an important role in agriculture and horticulture over seas and established a seed business in Rockford.


Harold Gust Carlson, born in Rockford - Was an MLB pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He played with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs from 1928-1930. He pitched for Chicago Cubs in the 1929 World Series.


Betty Everette, South Beloit - Best known for her 1964 hit "The Shoop Shoop song (It's in His Kiss). She also had a hit with "You're No Good."


Dottie Ferguson Key - Played 10 seasons with the Rockford Peaches. Madonna played her, Mae "All the Way" Mordabito character in A League of Their Own.


William Bebb, Governor of Ohio buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Rockford - Bebb was a devoted employee for the presidential campaign of William H. Harrison and John Tyler. He was also an advocate and supported racial equality.


That's quite the "old school" list of historic names that have been laid to rest here in Winnebago County.

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