Most of us have been there, the morning after when you say "I drank way too much".

Beer Stein's

I think I've become pretty lame and "responsible" as I get older. To be honest, I'm totally O.K. with it. Now when I have two maybe a third drink with dinner, I wake up the following morning in a world of hurt. Again, completely O.K. with it.

I once went out to eat with William "The Refrigerator" Perry. Just me, Fridge and an open tab. I have never, ever watched someone drink beer like he did. Fridge would drink a bottle of Bud Light in two sips. I had 3 beers while we ate our burgers, William Perry 13.

Along those same lines here are some amazing stories about an amazing man.

Andre The Giant, 7'4" 500lbs. When it came to drinking and having a good time Andre was the king of the mountain, or maybe he just was the mountain. Not only was he so fun to watch in a WWF ring, stories of his partying were legendary.

According to FOX Here are Six Unbelievable Andre The Giant Drinking Stories.


Here is a video of Andre on Letterman, talking everything "Giant".





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