You've probably been in the store, or visiting your parents, and thought "What in the hell is that smell?!", only to realize that it's your own breath. It's especially bad when you just walked your "Quarantine Fifteen" self from the far end of the parking lot, working up a sweat and you're huffing and puffing pretty heavy. You're not alone in that feeling.

A study from OnePoll revealed 57% of us were made aware of how rank our breath is ever since COVID came to town, and all of us that are more aware are now brushing more often and with more precision.

52% of respondents said their main concern for bad breath is to be perceived as the dirty person in the room.

81% said bad breath is a major turn-off, and 22% of people said they've ending things with someone because of it.

The study also showed that the average person can only stand their morning breath for about 14 minutes before they have to brush their teeth.

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