Nothing spoils the party like mosquito bites and warm beer on the Fourth of July. Check out these simple tips and tricks to have a fantastic Fourth!


1. Stuck with warm beer?

Nothing is worse than a warm beer. YUCK! To get the beer cold quick, wrap the beer can in a wet paper towel. Leave it in the freezer and you will have an icy cold brew in five minutes or less.

2. Out of bug spray?

Pesky little mosquitoes are everywhere and you are out of bug spray. Grab the empty bottle, add a liter of water and a tablespoon of lavender oil. Shake and spray on. Want extra protection? Spray Listerine in the grass around you and turn on a fan. (Trust me it works.)

3. Cooler can't stay cold?

Here's an old restaurant trick. It's super hot outside and the last thing you want to happen is to have your cold beverages get warm. To insure they stay even colder longer, toss them in a cooler filled with ice, a bit of cold water and a generous sprinkle of iodized salt.

4. Can't get the bonfire lit?

Out of newspaper, fire-starters, etc.? Grab your favorite corn chips and toss 'em in! They light great and will get your fire going quick. No corn chips? Stuff a toilet paper tube with lint from your dryer. That works great too!

5. Burn your finger on the grill?

This helps a ton! Just when you are flipping brats and burgers then OUCH! You accidentally burn the tip of your finger on the grill. Rub your finger behind your ear. The natural oils will help cool the burn and prevent it from blistering.