Back in April of 2000, MTV debuted a new show called Jackass.

Photo - Tina Fox
Photo - Tina Fox

17 years later, the public's need to watch "Jackass: Live" is alive and well. Over the weekend the Jackass "Stars" visited Belvidere for an evening of stunts, stories, and to meet with the fans.

Jackass grew to huge levels of success, with three movies that did incredibly well in theatres. Now that it is 2017 and the fan base is still around sort of, they do live shows.

Tina Fox attended "Jackass: Live" at The Apollo Theatre in Belvidere over the weekend to meet her Jr High super heroes. Here are 5 Things We Learned When Jackass Stars Visited Belvidere. Warning, some of these are NSFW:

  • Jackass Star Dave England can poo on command
  • Apparently women flashing at shows is still a thing?
  • Going to a pantry is the closest thing you will ever get to being on the show Chopped.
  • I was the prettiest girl there. (Duh Tina, Duh)
  • Guys in the audience wanted Wee Man to kick them in the jewels, good job Belvidere.
  • "Meijer is a more fancy Wal-Mart"





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