Snow and cold are coming to Rockford, so here are five things to pick up from the store before it gets here.

If you haven't heard, winter weather is predicted for the Rockford area this weekend. Check out the story right HERE.

I've noticed when a possible storm is announced, people flock to the grocery store to raid the shelves for things like bread, milk, and eggs. That's so boring. If you're going to be stuck inside, how about getting some fun stuff.

Here are 5 items you should purchase at the store before the cold and snow arrive.

1. Booze - Not going anywhere for a while? Skip the Snickers and go straight for the alcohol. You'll need it to spend that much time alone with family.

2. Snacks - You're going to be binge-watching TV because there's nothing else to do. Nobody wants to eat salad while checking out your favorite shows.

3. Frozen Pizza - Sorry but the delivery driver is not making it to your house no matter how big of a tip you offer.

4. Caffeine - Pick up lots of coffee, soda, energy drinks, tea, or whatever is your favorite. Otherwise, you are going to be tempted to sleep for hours at a time.

5. Donuts - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and cooking is out of the question.

I hope this list makes your trip to the grocery store a little bit easier.

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