After spending several hours and days in a car with two teenage boys, the inside of my car doesn't exactly smell great.

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Getty Images - Justin Sullivan

This week I need to clean my car inside and out, mainly inside. Hours of travel with a 14 and 17 year can lead to some foul odors. I got in my car after work last night and literally said out loud, "this is horrible".

I usually go "new car" or "vanilla" for the tree on my mirror. But I was thinking what if there were Rockford Car Air Fresheners, what would they smell like? This has been a fun process with the help of Tina Fox, coming up with this list.

So I present to you, 5 Rockford Car Air Fresheners no one Would Buy:

  • 11th Street Wet Alley Mattress
  • Reheated Next Day Uncle Nicks
  • Rock River Three Eyed Fish
  • Kishwaukee Forest Preserve Outdoor Bathroom
  • Clocktower Mildew Carpets

Pretty sure none of these would sell really well, but I'm really debating how much worse these would be then my car currently.




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