This fall, maybe a road trip that will scare the crap out of you is in order. No paying $25 to walk through a house with creepy clowns, just take a drive and Illinois will do the rest.

The human mind can take simple realities and turn them into complex untruths...Overthinking a situation can really drown you in fear. Welcome to Halloween season, folks. Let's see how scared we can be just by buckling your seatbelt and going for a drive in the Land of Lincoln. Here are 5 Roads in Illinois That Are Freakin' Haunted.

We thank "Weird Around Illinois" for doing what they do, so we don't have to...or maybe now you do want to?

In this video, the Weird Around Illinois team lists the top 5 most haunted roads in Illinois. This video not only covers information, but also the team's own personal experiences with some of these roads. - Weird Around Illinois YouTube

This video is extremely well done and makes me want to go for a drive. Let's give you the list of these Top 5 Haunted Roads in Illinois to see if you know them!

5. Kennedy Hill Road - Bryon, IL

4. German Church Road - Burr Ridge, IL

3. Shoe Factory Road - Hoffman Estates, IL

2. Cuba Road - Barrington, IL

1. Bloods Point Road - Belvidere, IL

Dude, Belvidere...Bloods Point Road. This comes up in EVERY "haunted" Northern Illinois conversation. It's right freakin' here in Belvidere!

Enjoy the video, the details are great and there is really good story telling here.

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