Oh for the love of pizza, which pizza chain is your favorite? That's a tough one, and I'm not even sure how to answer that. We have so many great local pizza places in the Rockford area.

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tombstonepizza Instagram

So let's flip the question, which of the pizza chain restaurants are overrated? Do you "Avoid the Noid?" Do you go with Daryl from The Office and his pizza sales pitch?

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I cam across this website CORNNATION that gives a rather specific breakdown and ranking of chain pizza places. What's good, what's not, and what's overrated. Some witty one-liners and explanation makes this a good read.

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So according to this site, here are The Top Five Overrated Pizza Chains:

Domino’s - The "pizza game" is better than the product. Greasy.

Little Caesar’s - A lot of the breakdown of this chain, was bashing the family that owns it. Yikes! No personal feelings here. Bad people = bad pizza?

Pizza Hut - "The sauce gives everybody heartburn." I don't think so, but cute. 

Papa John’s - Questions the former owner, not exactly that important is it? 

Subway - This one is out of left field. Yes, they sell personal pizzas. Do you actually go to Subway for a pizza?

So there you go, the Top Five Overrated Pizza Chains near us. What do you think? If the kids are hungry, it becomes a matter of HOW FAST can I feed and angry face. If that's a chain pizza, so be it.


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