What an historic weekend for the city of Rockford. The Hard Rock "brass" was in town for an exciting look into the future of Hard Rock Rockford, and how this town WILL BE INVOLVED.

815forhardrock via Facebook

There was a two day job and vendor fair of Friday and Saturday that I hosted at the Nordlof Center in downtown Rockford. The turn out was incredible, the questions and interest by the community was super impressive. Even better, was the answers and information that Hard Rock shared with Rockford. They are coming, they are not leaving, and they want Rockford involved BIG TIME.

Photo - Pam Maher

There were county and city dignitaries, business owners, tv, newspaper, ONE (Townsquare Media) radio company, and YOU the interested employees.

I learned a lot from the Hard Rock folks. Super smart and down to earth, this is a major brand that is known worldwide and they couldn't have been nicer.

Photo - Kevin McCarthy

So I wanted to share some of the things I learned about Hard Rock Rockford. This is the most excited that I have ever been for something coming to Rockford. The future of Rockford and the growth potential is massive. Embrace it, enjoy it and let's get ready to Hard Rock Rockford!!!

Photo - Pam Maher

Here are 5 Awesome things I learned about Hard Rock Rockford:

1. The giant Rick Nielsen checkered guitar isn't just a mock up, this HUGE one of a kind guitar will be on display in front of the Hard Rock Rockford:

2. The Seminole Tribe that is a huge part of Hard Rock and it's success, brings a passionate energy and a WANTING to give back to Rockford. "Tommy" as she was called, a member of the Seminole Tribe, spoke Friday and Saturday. The willingness and wanting to give back and "love all" is a major, major thing for Hard Rock.

3. The temporary location open at the former Giovanni's location in October. 60 slot machines. a few different types of restaurants, 250 people employed, and live music. This spot will blow you away. The lengths that Hard Rock is going to, to entertain us is ridiculous.

4.Hard Rock loves Rockford, and they will use multiple, multiple local companies and services from our area. From DJ's, to landscaping, to lighting, and laundry services. Hiring locally is a huge priority. This is a win win.

5. Once construction is officially underway at the former Clocktower location, it will take 24 months to build. The temp location will remain open until the main location it open, but it will be amazing to watch the Hard Rock Rockford go up. There's a 24 month timeframe to build it, let's go!

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