Saturday night at the Tebala Event Center it was the 19th Annual RAMI Spring Benefit.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

It's safe to say that the local Rockford music scene is alive and well, and the support for it is tremendous.

I was the co-host of the 19th Annual Spring RAMI Benefit along side a guy that got dressed in the dark, and boy was it a fun evening.

I met a ton of Eagle listeners and a ton of people extremely happy that Double T is a big part of our team. Getting out on the local scene is what it's all about, showing people that not only do we work here but we live here.

So I put together a list of Four Things I Learned at the RAMI Spring Benefit:

Clutch Cargo has 419 Members - O.K., not really that many but I swear every time I turned around there was another band member on stage. They sounded fantastic.

Kevin McCarthy of The Eagle is a dancing machine - If you've been out on the Rockford local music scene, you know this.

Everyone Loves Diamonds - There were many fantastic auction items, including a $1500 ring. The amount of raffle tickets in that bucket was crazy!

RAMI Volunteers and gracious and humble - One of the RAMI volunteers won a raffle prize, she put her ticket back in the bucket and said "Nope, this isn't about me I want a RAMI supporter to win".




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